Niche perfumery: here’s what to know

What is niche perfumery ? There are many people who ask this question. Nothing strange given that, for several years now, the search for luxurious and above all unique products has been the master in a world marked by homologation. In light of this, in the following lines we will try to explain well what we are talking about when niche perfumes are mentioned.

What are niche perfumes?

When using the term “perfumery “, it is necessary to question different categories. Here are which ones:

  • Normal perfumes;
  • Niche perfumes;
  • vintage perfumes;
  • Natural perfumes.

When dealing with niche perfumes, fragrances made with raw materials of particular quality and using artisanal creation processes are considered. Another characteristic of niche perfumery is linked to its being outside the logic of marketing.

Attention: this absolutely does not mean that the realities behind these fragrances proceed randomly in the study of the products. To understand what has just been specified, we can call into question the example of Memo Paris Perfumes , a niche perfumery brand that has chosen to put the theme of travel at the center of its proposal to the public.


The story of niche perfumery is difficult to tell. What is certain is that it has its roots in very ancient times, when the creation of fragrances was the prerogative of those mysterious men cloaked in a veil of restlessness who were the alchemists. The expression to which this article is dedicated derives from the physical niches where they kept the herbs used for their preparations.

If we want to find a starting date for the commercial success of niche perfumery, we have to go back in time to the 19th century. At that time in history, what are defined today as the progenitors of niche perfumery were fragrances that drew strong inspiration from aromas of Mediterranean origin.

Telling the first chapters of the history of modern niche perfumery inevitably means dwelling on the promotion and sales channels of that period. The stages chosen to introduce the fragrances were the barbershops. Today, on the other hand, more than two centuries later, it is above all word of mouth, events and sector magazines that give a boost in visibility to companies that produce niche perfumes. In recent years the web has also arrived, where it is possible to find e-commerce specialized in niche perfumery or sections of famous stores dedicated, in general, to the world of beauty .

Unisex perfumes

Another aspect that makes niche perfumes unique is that they are unisex. These fragrances transcend the differences between genres. In fact, everything focuses on the sensation given by the perfume, by its balance of scents, by the details of the bouquet: what has just been described must be able to enhance the individual in his uniqueness regardless of whether he is a man or a woman.

Yes, this is a personalization approach. It is no coincidence that, among the most famous and unattainable niche perfumes, there are fragrances created ad hoc for characters who have made history with their charisma and with the myth around their figure, for example Queen Elizabeth.

A world no longer inaccessible

Niche perfumery, nowadays, is beauty that is no longer inaccessible. Thanks to the choice that many companies have made to offer their products in very small formats – e.g. 50 ml – more and more people can appreciate these fragrances not only in the form of perfumes to be sprayed on , but also as protagonists of products such as body gel or by the hands.

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